Health Office

Minor health issues are addressed in the school infirmary. Parents are called for any illness or an injury inappropriate for the student to remain in school.

When a student has been ill, they should remain home until their temperature has been 98.6 without medication for 24 hours. If a student cannot participate in PE, a written note to the PE coach MUST be sent to class with the student.

Absence Policy

Absences are only excused if called into the health office by 9am: (602)-840-0010 ext 118. If a student has been out for three days or more, a doctor's note or a note from the parent explaining the reason is needed. If the student was seen by a doctor and treated by the doctor for an injury or infection, a doctor's release is needed.


Dispensing medication during school hours is permissible only after a consent for Permission to Give Prescription Medication at School or Permission to Give Over-The-Counter Medication at School has been signed by a parent.

All medications including over-the-counter and prescription should be sent to the School Office in a Ziploc bag identified with the students name. Parents need to download the appropriate consent form to be signed and sent with the medication. No medication should be in a student's possession on campus except an inhaler only after the prescription medication consent has been signed.


Arizona Law (Arizona Administrative Code, Title 9, Chapter 6, Article 7, and Vaccine Preventable Disease) requires that all students be immunized against certain diseases before entering school. Your child’s health care professional is aware of these requirements, or you may contact the school's Health Office for further information.

Students who cannot produce immunization records, except those who cannot be immunized for health or religious reasons, will not be allowed to remain in school. If your child is to be exempt from the immunization requirements, a form must be signed and returned to the school. A doctor’s signature is required if the exemption is for medical reasons.

In the event of an outbreak of a vaccine preventable disease for which you cannot provide proof of immunity for your child, your child will not be allowed to attend school until the risk period ends. Parents will be responsible for any outside tutoring needed to ensure the student does not fall behind academically during this period.

For information regarding current immunization requirements, go to Immunization Information or contact the Arizona Immunization Program Office at 602-364-3630.