Mission & Philosophy

To know Christ Jesus and to fulfill His Great Commission

Saint Theresa Catholic Parish and School exists to form missionary disciples through the three pillars of FAMILY, FAITH, and FORMATION.

FAMILY: We desire to have a school that is an extension of the child's home. A sense of community is valued on campus, not just in individual classes, but through our interactions with one another. We offer opportunities for parents to be on campus throughout the year at school events, volunteer opportunities, and parent lecture series.

FAITH: God is the center of our lives as Catholics. Not only is our faith a common thread throughout our curriculum, but we also offer opportunities to be an active Catholic, attending Mass once a week, weekly Adoration, frequent opportunities to receive reconciliation, grade level retreats, opening and closing prayers, as well as opportunities to celebrate the liturgical year, pray the Rosary, and celebrate Saint Feast Days.

FORMATION: As a Catholic community, we seek to form students spiritually, academically, and socially. We aim to guide students to be self-aware, self-disciplined, and responsible. We want to impart to them a Catholic worldview through a love of learning. All our formation is done through God on behalf of parents.


As a Catholic we are called to help form our students and model a strong relationship with Christ. These simple yet meaningful habits help to strengthen our faith as Catholics and our relationship with God. We invite our families to participate in these activities together:

Go to Mass as a family each weekend.
Receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation.
Ask Mother Mary for her intercession by praying the Rosary. Pray a decade each day or the whole Rosary once a week as a family.)
Capture the ends of the day with a morning offering and closing prayer.
Expect great things!