Preschool Philosophy

At St. Theresa Little Flower Preschool, we view early childhood education as the development and formation of the whole child.

We believe in fostering a love of learning and, in turn, creating lifelong learners. Opportunities for growth are offered in all areas: social, emotional, cognitive, physical, creative, and spiritual. We understand that children learn through play, so daily activities are offered that encourage children to think, experiment, explore, observe, and ask questions, which cultivates a spirit of wonder for God and the world He has created.

At St. Theresa Preschool each child is nurtured, valued, and educated by our dedicated teaching staff who possess unique skills and qualities. They strongly understand child development and use this knowledge to create a supportive and encouraging community. Our teachers get to know every child individually by discovering their interests, dispositions, and learning styles. In addition to our rich curriculum, we offer weekly Spanish, Music, PE, and Art. We also have after school enrichment programs such as “Soccer Shots” and “Step on Stage”. Most importantly, at St. Theresa Little Flower Preschool, the joy and love of God is shared with all who attend.