2024 - 2025 Academic Year
Tuition Rates

In keeping with well-established tradition within the Diocese of Phoenix, discounted tuition rates are available to active, registered, and participating members of Saint Theresa Parish – while another level of tuition discount is offered to active, registered, and participating members of other Roman Catholic parishes.

The criteria used to determine “active, registered, and participating Catholic” status may vary from parish to parish.

Preschool Rates

M-F Full Day $ 9,750
M-F Half Day $ 6,950
M/W/F Full Day $ 6,600
M/W/F Half Day $ 5,400

PK / TK Rates

PK / TK $ 9,850

Preschool/PK/TK Tuition Notes

  • Students in Preschool/PK/TK are not eligible for STO scholarship money

  • Students in Preschool/PR/Tk are not eligible for in parish or other parish rate

  • Multi-student rates will be applied after confirmation of enrollment

Kindergarten - 5 Rates

 Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
New Student - Active Parishioner $ 7,500 $ 7,500 $ 7,500 $ 7,500
Active St. Theresa Parishioner (in-parish**) $ 9,300 $ 8,900 $ 8,600 $ 8,400
Active Catholic (other parish*) $ 10,300 $ 9,900 $ 9,650 $ 9,400
Full Rate $ 13,950 $ 13,550 $ 13,300 $ 13,000

6 - 8 Rates

 Child 1Child 2Child 3Child 4
New Student - Active Parishioner $ 7,500 $ 7,500 $ 7,500 $ 7,500
Active St. Theresa Parishioner (in-parish**) $ 9,650 $ 9,250 $ 8,950 $ 8,750
Active Catholic (other parish*) $ 10,650 $ 10,250 $ 10,000 $ 9,750
Full Rate $ 14,300 $ 13,900 $ 13,600 $ 13,400

* Active Catholic (other parish) rate will be applied when verification from the parish is sent to the Admissions.
** Active St. Theresa Parishioner (in-parish) rate will be applied to families that are registered, active, and participating.

K - 8 Notes

  • Tuition schedule reflects multi-student rates

  • Sports Fee $125

  • Transfer fee $500 for any students coming in to 6-8 grade from a non-Catholic school

Saint Theresa Catholic School Procedural Norms for In-Parish Discounted Tuition Rate

Saint Theresa Catholic School (STCS) is happy to extend a discounted tuition rate to "registered, active, and participating" Catholics of St. Theresa Parish and other parishes of our Diocese. This is a gift extended to parishioners in appreciation for their demonstrable history of consistent participation in, and support of, their parish communities.

Verification of "registered, active and participating status involves parish personnel checking the parish database to establish a history of sufficient evidence of participation for the registered family [i.e. parent/guardian of the student]. Since parishes of our Diocese tend to be large, usually this verification involves a review of regularity of parish financial support (through use of the contribution envelope system or WeShare online giving) over the course of the preceding calendar year, regular involvement in a parish ministry or some other objectively verifiable means.

This is to ensure - in justice - that those who deserve consideration for their active, regular parish involvement and support are given the gift of a tuition discount.

The most reliable ways to ensure verification is through the consistent and regular use of the parish contribution envelope system (or WeShare online giving) and/or regular and consistent involvement in a parish volunteer ministry. "Registered, active, and participating" status is not achieved merely by making a one-time, nominal financial contribution to the parish. Once the parish has determined and verified eligibility of the family for this tuition discount, the submitted and reviewed list is returned to the Admissions Office for processing and determination of the appropriate tuition rate. Ultimate determination of a student's rate of tuition resides with STCS.

St. Theresa Parish Verification Guidelines For Purposes of In-Parish Discounted Tuition Rate


  • One must be officially registered as a parishioner of St. Theresa Parish, as recorded in our parish database. Call the parish office (602.840.0850) for further information.

  • If recently registered at St. Theresa Parish (within the past 6 months), a statement from the former parish of "registered, active, and participating" status at that parish will be accepted to qualify for In-Parish discounted tuition rate until regular parishioner status can be established at St. Theresa Parish.

  • Registration requirement applies to the custodial parent/guardian of the child.

Regular Attendance

  • Catholics are obliged to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. This standard is an ancient one in our tradition, provided to help the Catholic maintain regular contact with the Word of God, the Eucharist and one's faith community. Parents of Catholic students should be particularly aware of this teaching of the Church.

  • Evidence of attendance at parish Masses is largely subjective (e.g. being known to one of the priests and seen regularly at Mass or being regularly involved in a liturgical ministry).

  • Regular receipt of a contribution envelope or online giving would be an objective measure of regularity of attendance at St. Theresa Parish.

Financial Support

  • Level of financial support would vary from family to family depending on the family's income. The biblical tradition of a tithe is 10% of one's income - Catholic guidelines generally recommend an ideal of 5% given to support one's parish, 5% given to support other charities. In a community such as ours, it would generally not be unreasonable to expect a minimum of $10 per week.

  • Genuine financial need of a family is always considered when assessing a family's level of financial support. If annual support is less than the reasonable minimum, a letter of explanation could be addressed to the Pastor for his consideration.

Involvement of Parent or Child in a Parish Ministry

  • Verified, regular participation of the student or a parent in one of the ministries of St. Theresa Parish [excluding specific St. Theresa Catholic School volunteer opportunities] will also be considered as a criterion to establish verification as a "registered, active, and participating" parishioner of St. Theresa Parish.